For many of you, this website may seem just another one in a vast multitude of similar presentations of cosmetic products you have seen so many times. The difference lies in the essence of our company’s business philosophy. What makes us different from companies creating synthetic substitutes for natural ingredients in laboratories is the following:

Hemel products are made exclusively from natural, healing gifts of meadows, forests and beehives.

Primary and the most common component of almost all cosmetic products is water (80-90%). When pure and fresh, water is the source of health, as well as the most convenient environment for growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which may alter its healing properties and make it a health-hazard. This is why we add chlorine to our drinking water, this is why we have to boil water before giving it to babies, and this is why cosmetic products containing water need to contain different synthetic preservatives and other chemicals for the purpose of eliminating all microorganisms potentially leading to spoiling of the cosmetic products. The above mentioned is, of course, useful for the products, but not for the organism, since it accumulates and deposits all these toxins.

Products containing water, in addition to preservatives, also contain different types of emulsifiers, enabling incorporation of water with other “fatty” components. These are identified by three-digit numbers, preceded by letter E on the labels. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization annually expands the list of the forbidden ingredients, being identified as unsafe for human health. Hemel products contain no water, and, therefore, there is no need for adding any chemical substance, while the necessary hydration level is maintained through applying products to wet skin.